Thursday, April 2, 2009


Even though Mother Nature ruled the day yesterday, there were a few bright spots. Right before the flight team was to board the plane, the ground team went in to make sure the experiment was in good shape. Apparently it wasn't.

Per Bob Davidson: "Matt saved the day by fixing a broken power wire just ahead of the second day's flight. When we went out to check things, we couldn't power up the unit. Luckily we caught this in time to fix it. If we hadn't checked, it would have been too late when the flight crew boarded."

Back in the hangar, the second set of fliers is still in limbo. Hail is pounding the roof as I write, and a thunder storm is making its way through the air space reserved for the G-FORCE ONE. The JSC folks handed out two alternative schedules in case things get delayed another day, but they think the intense weather will burn out fast. Here's hoping.

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